What people say about Aqua Travel

“A Great Fresh Breath Designed by Aqua Travel!”

Jing YU
Senior Sales Manager; Korrun

“The extraordinary two-day trip has brought us very close to the nature. Living inside the mountain, enjoying the splendid view of waterfall & sound of flowing clear water!
Interesting team building activities have enabled all the participants to be involved and have fun.
Thanks to the small action items, the trip has also waken the environment protection awareness of the participants and even the passengers!

Very memorable experience!”

Julia CHEN
Senior Associate; PwC World trade Management Services

“Thanks to Joan, Teresa for me to arrange this memorable team building!

Trust all the participants had a good day!”

Zoe Zhang
Head of HR, Hakkasan Shanghai

Corporate Services

  • Team building

    Aqua Travel’s Team building trips combine the best from our trips with fun and effective activities and games designed to enhance and improve cooperation and communication skills. Take a look here, and see what our awesome clients have said about us!

  • Shanghai Office Space

    All of our Shanghai Serviced Apartments have comfortable and convenient office space, but if you’re looking for a large dedicated office, we can help. Our offices are just 5 minutes from the Lujiazui financial district, and fitted with fast internet connection.  If you need an interpreter or other assistance too, we will be happy to help.

About Aqua Travel

Aqua Travel is run by a talented team of local Chinese travel experts and expats who have lived in China for many years. We are all passionate about travel, and between us we’ve been to just about everywhere in China. All the tours and activities we offer have been tried, experienced, and loved by us personally.

For us, travel is about truly meaningful experiences.  We want to share that with you, to take you somewhere where you will come back with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the people there, their culture, their lives, the local nature… and most of all we want you to have lots of fun!


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